I have always been facinated with Cryptography but made few attempts to really study it. The .Net Framework makes it very easy. See the simple demo. I want to make it a Web service one of these days.

I tried a simple demo on SHA hashing. I wanted to create a demo to show the differences between different but sizes and classes: managed, service provider and next generation (CNG). This is when I learned CNG is a .Net 3.x ability. This web site only supports 2.0 as well as VS 2005. So, I took the demo to VS 2008 and extended it to the other hashing algorytems.I'll need to upgrade the hosting service and to VS 2008 on my laptop. Maybe when I get a new one with Windows 7.

The only thing I recall was that with larger bit sizes, it produced a larger hash - which makes sence. But use which class? I think I would use CNG.

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